Suzuki GT750L - Ray Meyers, CA

Here are some additional pictures Ray sent me after he has done more assembly work of his attention-to-detail restoration.
For those you have not seen the photos from last summer, click here for those


Visiting Ray June 2001

I had a chance to revisit Ray this year also and we took a short ride on both of his GT750L bikes.
I was able to ride both the restored one and the 2nd L model on Monterey roads and that
was something to remember. We also did some wrenching with one of his RE-5's and managed to
get it to run ! Here is evidence :

Ray with 'the old girl'

It runs !

Ray's restored GT750L

Photo time..

RE-5 photo time..

Preparing the 2nd (now blue) L for short trip

(This photo by Ray Meyers)