General Motors
"Servicenytt" 1966-67

This is a service to the Swedish readers of this page. We have reproduced 32 year old Opel related GM Service bulletins to help swedish owners to get access to relevant technical information regarding their car. This information was distributed to the Swedish GM service stations in 1965-66 to give mechanics appropriate information regarding the new models.

Servicenytt #11 1965 "Introduktion av motorserien i Rekord 1966"
Servicenytt #12 1965 Förgasarinställning Opel 1966 17S,19S och 28S motorer
Servicenytt #1 1966 "Opels nya motorer"
Servicenytt #2 1966 forts. "Opels nya motorer"
Servicenytt #3 1966 forts. "Opels nya motorer"
Servicenytt #7 "Opel Kadett B Service"
"Montering av kedjespännare"
Servicenytt #8 "Opel Kadett B Service"
"Serviceanvisningar för bakaxel Rekord B"
"Tätning av strålkastare Rekord B"
Servicenytt #10 "Opel Kadett B Service"
Servicenytt #2 1967 "Framhjulsinställning OPEL"
Servicenytt #3 1967 "Förgasarinställning Kadett Rallye"
"Opel Kadett B Service"
Servicenytt #4 1967 "Förgasarkalibrering Opel 19S Motor"
Servicenytt #5 1967 "Kontroll av Solex-förgasare Opel"
Servicenytt #8 1967 "Montering av servicemotorer"

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DISCLAIMER: This is not a official service from Opel AG or General Motors
but a private initiative to make ancient obsolete service information available to owners of the
classic Opel vehicles concerned. The information shall be treated as such.

The publisher of the electronic reproduction of this archeological material
assumes no responsibility regarding the reader's interpretation of the
graphic contents or any action taken by the reader as a result of viewing the material.
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