What is going on here ?

Well, anyone who tries to find information about old OPEL vehicles on the WWW/Internet
has typically not found much so far. Most of these German consumer car models are not
collectors items in the sense that they represent great financial investments, so there is no large aftermarket business. Also many owners or part suppliers are typically not computer enthusiasts
with Internet access and Web publishing skills. As more and more people get access to networked information there will definitely be those who would enjoy very much to find material about these cars. Also there is a long history of a very successful production of beautifully designed consumer cars which go way back in time, there is lots of documentary material available among hobbyists and previous owners which is suitable input to producing online information.

With time goes by there has developed a renewed interest in cars of previous eras.
This goes along with contemporary retro trends in styling, music, media, etc. and means
that not only car enthusiasts will find such material interesting.

The OPEL Classic Automobiles pages are for the benefit of all who want to learn about Opel automobiles of the past. The model range covered in our material are typically automobiles manufactured more than 20 years ago.

For owners the material can make it easier and more enjoyable to own/maintain/restore this type of car, it also helps to develop a network of people with similar interests.
This material will grow and develop over time.

In case you want to contribute to the material (text, images, brochure material or anything else),
or have other suggestions about this activity, please let us know by email to opel@medial.se

Some suggested features in future versions of this material include