Opel Manta

(A series 1970-74)
(B series 1975-88)

Opel Manta A 'S'

See description below by owner Graeme Keet <graz@cynergy.com.au> :

>Please find attached a couple of pictures of
> my very rare OPEL Manta S, with full Ray West Modifications as standard.
> I have just aquired the car in good condition from the UK, and at this time
> it is in transit to Brisbane Australia, where I have been living for the
> last 3 years. My first car was an original SR, which I sold for £175,
> before migrating - and never quite got over the loss. There is something
> magical about them!
> Standard SR spec was a four speed, 102bhp/ 1897cc car with a standard
> limited slip differential, and my Ray West is a five speed, 180bhp/2210cc
> car with dual circuit & servo brakes, spax suspension & twin 48 webber carbs
> as standard! Rays options can get really crazy - and his work is first
> rate. My car is absolutely standard to look at, as you can see in the
> photos. These may be a touch dark as they were taken in the UK, but I will
> take more and forward them to you in 3 weeks when the car arrives.
> My address on the net is graz@cynergy.com in Brisbane, please E-mail me with
> any reply.
> Hope the pics are of use......
> Best regards

Here are more details on Manta's sent in by Graeme Keet <graz@cynergy.com.au> :

Manta A series
Introduced Sept 1970, with 1.2 (Euro only, not UK), 1.6S, 1.9S, 1.9 Rallye,
1.9SR, 1.9 Berlinetta (luxury), 1.9 Turbo, 1.9 DOT Berlinetta Turbo. For
many the only real Manta, with a better finish & roadhandling than the
others (both in standard trim). Mine 1972 is a Ray West modified 1.9S,
spec as per previous, totally stock from the outside! Rack & pinon
steering, servo ass. brakes - disk (f) & drum (r).
Fully original cars were the Rallye was the one with the performance options
& interior gauges, & bonnet paint. This paint was dropped in 1972 and the
model was called SR. Also in 1972 the Berlinetta was introduced, spec as
the SR but with more luxurious seats. The 1973 German Turbo was based on
an SR with a front spoiler, Rallye graphics & 125mph top speed. Britain's
(more successful) Turbo was based on the Berlinetta (all were black, and had
front light wipers!). This had alloy 14" wheels and was good for 130mph.
There was one Ottershaw turbo made (A-series) but I never saw it. My 2.2
out accelerates, top speeds, and brakes them all! 3 speed GM auto trans
was available on all models. Main + points;- excellent handling,
steering & looks!
Specs for 1.9SR, Berlinetta & Rallye 0-60 mph 10.5 sec, 106mph top
Specs for 1.6, 0-60 in 12.5 sec, 102mph top
Specs for turbo 1.9, 0-60 in 8.5 sec, 125 or 130 (Broadspeed/Ottershaw) top
Spec for Ray West 2.2, 0-60 in 6.2 sec, 138+mph top
Manta B series
Range as above, intro 1975. Same drivetrain with different body
configurations, coupe & hatchback. Many familiar parts!
Manta C series
Intro 1982. Variants include GT/J (1.8) 1.8S, GTE (2.0) 400 (16valve,
2.4). Facelift of B series body with front, rear & side spoilers, and
alloy wheels. Recaro interior. 5 speed getrag box. The car that should
have been the A-series replacement.
For more details about all Manta matters, contact either myself or Ron
Daymond at 100534,43@compuserve.com.
What he does not know about Mantas is a lie! He also is the main man in the
UK club.
Best regards..........

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